Radio Reconnaissance Technologies Inc

Communications Consulting, Site Survey, Equipment Selection, System Installation

RRT has the experience and demonstrated ability to perform radio communications site surveys and radio communications infrastructure evaluations for the purpose of either expanding your present radio network or to correctly establish an entirely new radio network system to support your organization’s developing needs.

Because of RRT’s extensive tactical and technical communications background, RRT was approached to assist the U.S. Department of State (DoS) to broaden and streamline their HF, VHF and UHF communications infrastructure in order to support the International Civilian Police programs in Iraq and Afghanistan. RRT’s tasks have encompassed site surveys, HF propagation studies, in-country frequency requests, equipment selection, installation and maintenance of all the associated communications equipment required for these efforts. RRT’s employment in Southwestern Asia has encompassed full communications support to the DoS for its Central Poppy Eradication Force (CPEF) program and the technical operation and sustainment of a variety of communications networks including the 24/7 continuous operations support for a 300 unit CODAN NGT radio network in Iraq. Since 2003, RRT has continually deployed personnel to the Southwest Asia Theater and presently has a number of Field Service Representatives in Iraq and Afghanistan performing various critical information technology related missions in support of U.S. and Coalition forces. We have also performed communications site surveys in support of the Environmental Protection Agency and have been requested to supply communications upgrade equipment and have conducted communications assessments at several U.S.-based nuclear power generation plants.

In summary, our communications services include but are not limited to the evaluation of your present equipment and network architecture; assessment of physical security concerns; personnel training needs assessment; communications procedures vulnerability assessment; standardization of procedures and Communications Electronics Operating Instructions (CEOI); Continuity of operations and equipment market surveys, selection, procurement and installation assistance.