Radio Reconnaissance Technologies Inc

Practical, Learner Focused, Skills Based, Systems Approach Training

RRT has a thorough working knowledge of the operation and employment of numerous tactical Commercial or Government Off The Shelf (COTS/GOTS), Information Operations/Information Warfare (IO/IW), Electronic Warfare (EW) collection and exploitation systems in field use today. This knowledge and experience is directly reflected in the quality of our own designed and manufactured products, as well as in our curriculum development efforts and importantly in our ability to relate and share our operational experiences with your personnel. In summary, RRT Inc brings a practical, professional approach to assist you in satisfying your Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) systems training requirements.

All instruction will be delivered by trainers who are tactically and occupationally experienced in the subjects they teach. RRT uses the Systems Approach to Training (SAT) when developing its instructional materials. We can adapt and modify existing government and commercial instructional materials when permissively available or create and deliver new courses of instruction as necessary in order to ensure all of your organization’s training objectives are met in a cost effective and instructionally sound manner. So, as a customer you will receive not only the latest information, but years of practical field experience aimed at improving your organization’s readiness, field performance and operator safety. Instruction is performed onsite at our Fredericksburg facility or at your desired location to include overseas and semi-permissible, tactical areas.

We are prepared to perform a training needs analysis to determine what type of instruction is right for you.