helicopter rescue

When we work for you, this is what you get...


  • A Veteran-Owned Small Business with core experience in Military Tactical, Strategic and Special Operations related to Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Communication and Power Solutions.

  • Innovative Engineering (Electrical & Mechanical), Rapid Prototype, Design and Production.

  • Operators, Technical Writers (SIGINT/EW & Communications), and Trainers (On-Site, Off-Site or Overseas Training).

  • RRT Inc.'s practical, real-world experience in Information Operations, Information Warfare and modern communications is built into every product, training, and support evolution we provide.

  • We have established partnerships with top commercial manufacturers in the business to bring our customers field-proven equipment of the highest quality at the most competitive price possible.

  • And most importantly,


On Budget, On Schedule and Performance as Promised - "If we say we can do it... We WILL do it"