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Rapid Prototype Fabrication & Low Rate of Production, Repackaging & Ruggedization

Radio Reconnaissance Technologies Inc. is 100% focused on providing our U.S. Government and commercial customers with high quality, tactical field-worthy, custom manufactured equipment designs.

Our design process begins with you, the customer. For the tactical customer, our personal experience has been that the “form or fit” of a design is generally of equal or greater importance to the product’s ultimate “function”. To produce a product that either loads, carries or wears at least every bit as well as it works involves a broad blend of skills, experience and engineering considerations that cross many disciplines to get the project done right, on time, and within budget.

RRT has the necessary tactical, electronic warfare, and information operations expertise coupled with the necessary materials, electronics and mechanical engineering experience to make your product concept - a practical reality.

Our multidisciplinary approach works closely with you, the customer, and your primary equipment operators to identify and overcome the key design and technology challenges. We will use all our resources to ensure all your proposed design and performance expectations are met. No matter what the job requires, we will design and finish the project to your complete satisfaction.

RRT maintains a staff of personnel that includes electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, software engineers, electronic maintenance, training, communications and cryptologic personnel that have recent and relevant real-world experience with signals intelligence, electronic warfare, and special operations missions.

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