THiEF- Tactical Handheld Emitter Finder (V2) Ground DF Kit

RRT PART NUMBER: 08-778-0061-(V2)

THiEF is a miniature, fully integrated signal intercept and directional line of a bearing system designed to prosecute VHF and UHF analog, single-channel, push-to-talk radio transmitters. The system utilizes proven direction-finding techniques incorporated into modern technology to reduce size, weight, and power while increasing performance parameters. The THiEF's small size lends itself to employment and concealment techniques that are not possible with larger, heavier DF systems. As an example, the THiEF could easily be incorporated into a helmet or other type of headgear to provide a truly body-worn DF system. A custom controller provides the operator with an intuitive, easy-to-learn User Interface with full audio recording and playback along with a map display all run on a power-friendly Cortex M4 processor.

Call for price: 540-752-7448


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