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Radio Reconnaissance Technologies Inc is 100% focused on providing our U.S. Government and commercial customers with high quality, tactical field-worthy, custom manufactured equipment designs.

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RRT has the experience and demonstrated ability to perform radio communications site surveys and radio communications infrastructure evaluations for the purpose of either expanding your present radio network or to correctly establish an entirely new radio network system to support your organization’s developing needs.

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RRT has a thorough working knowledge of the operation and employment of numerous tactical Commercial or Government Off The Shelf (COTS/GOTS), Information Operations/Information Warfare (IO/IW), Electronic Warfare (EW) collection and exploitation systems in field use today.

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Radio Reconnaissance Technologies

Radio Reconnaissance Technologies Inc. provides superior, ruggedized intelligence and electronic warfare associated products, engineering and program management services to the Department of Defense and other Government agencies and their commercial suppliers whose activities are directed towards tactical electronic surveillance, direction finding and other information warfare solutions for special operations forces and similar law enforcement communities.

Our customers commonly find that Radio Reconnaissance Technologies brings a flexible, collaborative approach to delivering real-world, practical technology solutions to the tactical special operations forces community. We have significant experience in real-world operations and we're completely grounded in today's mission challenges. We believe that 85% today is better than 100% five years from now, but are also mindful of meeting the critical needs of tomorrow's tactical signals intelligence environment. This background and philosophical approach enables us to deliver keen insight and solid value to our customers. We're straightforward and will do everything in our power to exceed our customer's expectations.